The House of God Sessions

House of God

  • 4-6 ministers discussing matters of importance to the Church, such as baptism, sex, race relations, free will and predestination, as well as a host of other topic!
  • Several denominations represented, such as Salvation Army, Episcopalian, Catholic, Church of Christ, and more!
  • 5 times a year–Twice during the Fall semester and 3 times during the Spring semester.
  • A very important event for the student body of Rochester College and the local Christian community.


House of God is a five-part series of meetings that brings together five to six ministers from various Christian denominations to have a candid discussion of issues of importance in the body of Christ. The sessions are held in front of a live audience. Past conversations have included salvation and communion, women in ministry, sex, race relations in the Church, and social action and have included ministers from church of Christ, The Salvation Army, Baptist, Catholic, Messianic Jewish, Episcopalian, Full Gospel, Word of Faith, Non-denominational, and others.

The House of God Sessions 2007-2008 Calendar

underwater: a conversation about water baptism

September 10, 2007

podcast now available for download here

LOST: a candid conversation with those outside the church about those inside the church

November 12, 2007

BIG CHURCH/small church: a conversation about church growth, evangelism, and church in the marketing age

January 14, 2008

the problem: a conversation about pain, suffering, and the presence of God

February 25, 2008

free will/no will: a conversation about free will, predestination, and the sovereignty of God

march 31, 2008



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