LOST: a candid conversation with those outside the church about those inside the church (TV spots)

2 11 2007

Here are the TV spots for the second House of God event at Rochester College taking place on November 12, 2007! Thanks to Brian Potthast, Grant McClure, and Calvin Moore for putting these together for us! Check them out and drop in for the conversation that night! YHWH’s peace.

Student Action Diversity Committee

Spot # 1–“Jesus”
Question: What do you believe about Jesus Christ?

Spot # 2–“Christianity”

Question: When you hear “Christian” or “Christianity,” what kind of thoughts does that evoke? How does it make you feel?


Spot # 3–“LOST”
Question: When the Church talks about “lost” people, how have they generally been characterized?*

*Note: The question was not whether they agreed with the characterization–which most did not–but rather how the church has classically talked about “lost” people.


Now that you’ve viewed the TV spots for our upcoming House of God Session, tell us your thoughts. What do YOU believe about Jesus? When YOU hear “Christian” or Christianity,” what kind of thoughts does that evoke in YOU? If you’re a church-goer (or if you have left the church), how has your church classically characterized “lost” people? We’d love to hear your thoughts and generate some good discussion around this topic.





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