Up Next–LOST: a candid conversation with those outside the church about those inside the church

17 09 2007




What do you think of when you think of people who aren’t Christians? Do you think of them as lost? Wandering? Kindling to stoke the fires of hell? What do you think/know about God? Jesus? Evangelism? Think an atheist would have the same answers? A wiccan? A gnostic? Our next House of God (November 12, 2007) is a step away from our normal format. Instead of interviewing 4-6 ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be sitting down with 5 individuals to whom that Gospel is targeted, but have chosen a different path instead. This is a rare chance to get inside the head of people who don’t necessarily think and believe like we do and see just how we are percieved by those outside the Church–the good, the bad, and the…well, you know.




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