Internal Makeover

27 08 2007


A few of us recently took part in helping out with a home makeover for a needy family orchestrated by Paradox Church and Roseville Family Resource Network. It was a day filled with friends, family, and total strangers working together to help out a needy family.

Paradox is “kinda” my home church. I’m more of a “member-at-large.” It’s quite the trek to get there on Sundays from Rochester College, so I get there when I can and occasionally record video for them when they need it. The home makeover was one of those times. One of the members of Paradox Church, Paul Dykstra asked me to come down and record the event for them. I was free that day, so  my girlfriend Amanda (another SADC member) and I drove down and helped out. People were painting rooms, putting in a playscape, building a bricked-in back patio, laying sod on the front lawn, planting new trees, putting in a new driveway, and a host of other activities.


Walking around the site, shooting the work zones, interviewing people, and just generally getting footage of anything interesting proved to be a lot of fun. Panera Bread of Roseville had made it a point to come out and serve breakfast to all of those who showed up to lend a hand. A Girl Scouts troop showed up–along with people from area churches–because they read about the event in the local newspaper. Neighbors moved cars off the street and into their driveways or offered their driveways as parking space so workers wouldn’t have to walk 1/2 a mile to the work site.


It got me thinking. Why don’t I do things like this more? What would it take to help a needy family in the Rochester area? We’ve all seen the TV show, Extreme Home Makeover on ABC. It brings tears to all of our eyes. (Of course, I’m not sure flat screen TVs and football fields in the back yard fix the financial situation that many of the needy on the show are experiencing.) All excuses of being busy, poor college students aside, what could we be doing to help those who are even worse off than we are?

Personally, I’m looking into several opportunities to help others right now. If I’m going to do it, I want to really commit to it. Whether I commit to serving the poor in Cass Park (which, in all honesty, terrifies me), folding clothes at the local food/clothing bank, or tutoring students in the Pontiac school district, I want to make sure they have my whole heart, not just one trying to assuage guilty feelings.

I applaud Paradox and the Roseville Family Resource Network for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. I hope to do the same.




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