organizational fairs and other sundry items…

23 08 2007


So, the 2007 Organizational Fair has come and gone. It went better than expected. The Student Action Diversity Committee tends to be an organization that defies description. We’re clearly focused on three specific areas–fostering racial diversity, fostering socio-economic diversity, and fostering diversity across Christian traditions. We’ve got several programs that attest to the this fact. But, trying to describe what we do and the impact it has on the student body and the surrounding community is not something that can be done [properly] at an event where we’re competing with social clubs and free ice cream from Coldstone. Much of what the SADC does needs to be experienced firsthand.

Despite misgivings about presenting ourselves amidst the clamor of competing voices, we were able to make a number of good connections. Some people seemed nominally interested in what we were about. Others seemed to just “get” what we are trying to accomplish here at Rochester College.

And that is the thing that fascinates me about the SADC. Liz Shelton, Paul Gilbert, and I had several conversations with people about who we are and what we do–conversations with people who otherwise would not cross our paths were we not involved in a group striving for diversity. Let’s admit it, Rochester College, like any other school, has its cliques. You’ve got your athletes, your pretty people, your nerdy people, your overweight people, your Christians, and your not-so-Christians. Yet, this past weekend, as a ministry that strives to embrace the creativity of a God who has chosen to make each of us unique, I was able to have conversations with people in each of these camps. I spoke with a female soccer player who is interested in having her family come in and teach students how to salsa dance during Hispanic Heritage Month. I spoke with a young man who is going into ministry, but has never thought about who God might be calling him to speak to. I spoke with a young lady who really isn’t all that sure about the “whole Jesus thing” yet, but is attracted to the idea of interacting with a group of individuals who are not like herself. I spoke with black people, white people, Hispanic people, rich people, poor people–all in a 3 hour span of time.

Will they all join the SADC in what we’re doing here at Rochester College? Maybe. Maybe not. But, there are people who Jesus is bringing into the path of our ministry and into my life personally who will be affected by and come into relationship with people who they never would have thought they’d come into relationship with. So, whether 3 or 300 people join the SADC this year, lives will be changed and kingdom work will be accomplished.

Alright, I’m going to grab some Coldstone.




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